Video Resume
Portland, Oregon

•  Adobe Illustrator 2004–2021
•  Adobe Photoshop 2004–2021
•  Adobe InDesign 2005–2021
•  Adobe Premiere 2017–2021
•  Adobe Lightroom 2018–2021
•  WordPress experience
•  Wix experience
•  Squarespace experience
•  MS Office experience
•  Google Suite experience
•  Mac OS experience
•  Windows 10 experience

•  Social media management, content creation, and digital marketing
•  Video storyboarding, production, and editing for YouTube and other platforms
•  Typography, hierarchy, and layout
•  E-commerce and search engine optimization
•  Book and print design
•  Logo design
•  Trustworthiness, humbleness, and teachability

Working primarily in short vertical videos. I create inspirational videos featuring. Working with After Effects, Premier Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop. With a focus on the metaphysical and caching community.
•  quotes 
•  journaling prompts 
•  affirmations 
•  mindful moments 
•  mini-documentaries 
•  animating still images found in the public domain

Product designer and owner
With kits and in-person workshops, Paper Chickadee was an innovative papercraft company focusing on exceptionally detailed paper flowers.
•  Created innovative kits featuring Patal Perfect Paper that allowed my customers to make stunning paper flowers
•  Did ideation, identified problems, and found solutions to keep moving forward
•  Designed full-color, full-bleed instructional booklets
•  Created a shoot list, shot and edited images, and wrote all instructions
•  Created an instructional video, doing storyboarding, shooting, and editing with two cameras
•  Created and executed a social media calendar to promote online sales and in-person events
•  Set and implemented brand standards consistently across all creative materials
•  Created a packaging design showing the uniqueness of the product with an at-a-glance understanding
•  Budgeted by gathering quotes from many vendors to balance quality and value
•  Designed and constructed a highly engaging and multidimensional booth for craft shows
•  Confidently pitched workshops to universities, museums, and creative spaces through email exchanges and in-person meetings
•  Vendor at the highly competitive Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show in Seattle, Washington
•  Commissioned Monet Water Lilies-inspired photo backdrop by Tacoma Art Museum
•  Commissioned drop-in workshops by the Portland Museum of Art
•  Featured on Vice Media’s Creators Project on Instagram
•  Increased @yakawonis’s Instagram following to over 14K

Illustrator and owner
Beginning with a series of anatomical illustrations made from paper quilling, I opened a successful e-commerce shop selling fine art, prints, and home goods with my paper illustrations printed on them.
•  I created over 100 illustrations, combining paper quilling, cut paper, and vector elements
•  Photographed the work so that it retained the illusion of dimensionality
•  Worked methodically with attention to detail and follow-through
•  Created products for print-on-demand from Art of Wear
•  Developed illustrations, logos, and other designs digitally and by hand
•  Designed business cards, optimized digital images for web, email, and digital advertising
•  Valued the importance of pixel-perfect assets
•  Product photography and image editing for e-commerce
•  Tracked and tried trends in home decor, color, and popular culture
•  Pitched to popular blogs and reporters for features and interviews
•  Fulfilled orders in a professional and timely manner
•  Managed inventory to always have enough on hand while not having too much
•  Wrote contracts with an understanding of copyright law and professional best practices
•  Conducted SEO research, maintained and updated hundreds of listings
•  Commissioned 7 spreads by Better Homes and Gardens, Diabetic Desserts specialty magazine
•  Commissioned drop-in workshop by the Anchorage Museum
•  In the top 5% of Etsy sellers in the years 2012–2014
•  Featured on All Things Paper, Colossal, multiple Buzzfeed Listicals, RadioLab’s Tumblr; and many more

Graphic Designer
With a focus on publication design, Blue Design is a fuller-service design agency. I was hired as a summer intern in 2007, and I was kept on as a junior designer and promoted to designer.
•  5 years of agency experience
•  Produced finished creatives and artwork, ensuring that all creative materials were provided in the correct format for publication, including file preparation and output, pre-press, and printing.
•  Photo-editing, color correction, retouching, and masking
•  Brochure, magazine, and catalog design
•  Book design including coffee table, children’s, novels, and cookbooks
•  Made client edits in several different proof cycles
•  Maintained electronic files and archives of all design work, photos, and images.
•  Sourced stock photography from many services, with an eye toward variety, quality, and price
•  Sourced print quotes from many print companies, working with American and international Printers

Bachelors of Fine Art with a focus in graphic design 2009
Maine College Of Art and Design
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